How to become minimalist without going crazy

Minimalism is more a way of doing things than a goal in it. Remember that the line that separates determination from obsession is fragile, and it should not be exceeded. You may be quite obsessive with some things, but you have to learn to give up some.

Minimalism is the art of giving up:  maintaining a healthy, sustainable and productive lifestyle by giving up what is not essential. Every detail counts and based on small steps; you can achieve high goals. It’s only a matter of time, so do not give up. Focusing on the material aspect of the issue, Some people need more objects than others in their day to day due to their profession or their hobbies, and it is not a “minimalist crime.”


Clothing is one of the first steps when you start in this of minimalism. Donating them is the best choice if you do not need the money, at least considering the global benefit to society. Giving this kind of thing to a friend seems like the perfect way to turn something worthless to you into something of great value to someone else.

Live, not survive

Are you changing your whole life to guide it towards minimalism or direct it to “material” things? Do you feel freer? You are trying to minimize and make more efficient all aspects of your life. On the personal level, the critical issue is to forget people who do not care the least about you. The next step would be to spend less time watching things, but it is an activity that allows you to disconnect your brain and stay passive while enabling you to receive different stimuli and even some idea for articles or things to think. Everything depends on what you see, of course.

At work, you try to keep as digital as you can. Only use papers like drafts, or to make accounts or drawings. Keep a text file with your tasks, and so you know what you have been doing during the week and what is left for you. For more clues about productivity, you can follow the online blogs.

Last conclusions

To finish, say that minimalism has taught that you have to give up things, you have to know how to choose, and you cannot have everything, so you have to keep your expectations on a realistic level (that non-conformist). You would not be able to do all the things you do without your my current focus, which of course can (and should) be improved. But, as they say, if you’ve never made a mistake, it’s because you have not tried. Anyway, your lifestyle seems much more minimalist after knowing how to be a minimalist.

Gathering the Galactic Plans for You

The new draft budget has been submitted for final approval by the executive. The answer of the latter should not delay.

The consensus reached by members of the Senate and House is a budget of $ 20.7 billion, up $ 1.6 billion from the Trump administration’s proposal. Canceled programs have been restored and, as President Trump wishes, high priority is given to inhabited crescent exploration and the disengagement of the International Space Station (ISS) in 2025.

In the field of Earth observation, four of the five missions abandoned by the Trump administration are finally restored. The task of measuring the radioactive budget of the Earth (Radiation Budget instrument) is definitely canceled due to technical problems too expensive to resolve.

A circumlunar flight with crew planned for 2023

As for the infrared space observatory First, which is to succeed the James-Webb observatory (JWST) and which the Trump Administration wishes to cancel to the chagrin of the scientific community concerned, the budget also restores it and gives it 150 million euros. Dollars. That said, the First program is not saved and its future remains uncertain. Scalded by the JWST budget explosion (spent in a few years from $ 1.6 billion to more than $ 8.8 billion), Congress asks Novato make a detailed review of the program. In fact, James-Webb is getting $ 533.7 million in funding that may not be enough due to NASA’s recent decision to postpone its one-year launch.

  • In the field of robotic exploration, more than 2.2 billion dollars are made available to NASA; it’s an increase of $ 300 million compared to the original request of the executive. This sum will be used in particular to continue the studies of a lander that could be launched in 2024, two years after the Europa Clipper mission (2022), one of whose objectives is to prepare the landing of it on Europe. Note that the helicopter project for the Martian Mars 2020 mission is attracting interest: $ 23 million is allocated to it.
  • In terms of manned flight, the first flight test without crew of the spaceship Orion is set at 2020 and a manned circumlunar flight is expected in 2023. This will also be the first manned space mission to the moon since the flight Apollo 17 in 1972. This budget will also support a space tug with propulsion capabilities and providing energy in 2022. It will be the first component of a lunar orbital platform, gateway for cislunaire space; it will be the major international program that will succeed the International Space Station.

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